Can UGC last?

February 4, 2009

User-generated content has been all the rage lately – not only because of the success of sites such as YouTube but because many publishers see it as the answer to many of their problems, a way to bolster content and boost pageviews without significant investment on the part of their staff.

However, a recent article on Folio discusses a report that says UGC may not be as valuable as was once thought. The challenge? Monetizing content that advertisers may be reluctant to sponsor due to its unpredictable nature.

My suggestion: experiment with UGC, but don’t take on any major projects unless they fit one of two conditions: either the sponsorship has been sold already, or the project works so well with your brand and site that you think it’s worth the effort overall. Don’t jump on the UGC bandwagon without having a solid plan in place.

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