Course information: Winter 2009

February 12, 2009: Social media

Please read for February 19:

Web stats for beginners (Magazines Online)
Do unique visitors matter? (Magazines Online)
Why web editors need to know HTML (Magazines Online)
ComScore (Wikipedia)
Everyone hates ComScore (Fortune)

February 5, 2009: Beyond articles

Please read for February 12:

Brave new world of digital intimacy (New York Times Magazine)
Why newspapers shouldn’t allow comments (Gawker)
How to change the world using social media (Copyblogger)
Advice on building a social network (Folio)
Is social media right for your site? (Magazines Online)
10 Twitter tips for traditional media (

January 29, 2009: Where do your readers come from? How do you retain them?

Please read for February 5:
How YouTube changes the way we think (Wired)
Content and its discontents (New York Times)
Why text remains king of the web (Micro Persuasion)

January 22, 2009: Print and online; managing brands and sharing content

For the assignment due January 30, please choose one of the following articles:
Yellowknife (Canadian Geographic)
Spas (Fashion)
Health tips (Gardening Life)
Cheese (Men’s Health)

And for class on January 29, read the following:

Search engine optimization (Wikipedia)
10 top clickable newsletter subject lines (Magazines Online)
Why your site needs a newsletter (Magazines Online)
Where do your readers come from? (Magazines Online)
How to write for the 21st century (The Renegade Writer)

January 15, 2009: Introduction, definitions and main concepts

Please have the following items read by next class:

How we read online (Slate)
How to tame the wild web (New York Review of Magazines)
This article is 1,689 words long (New York Review of Magazines)
8 simple rules for succeeding on the web (Marketwatch)
11 tips to successfully balance a print and digital portfolio (Publishing Executive)
Why are you publishing online? (Publishing Executive)

Presentation schedule:
January 29: Aubrie
February 5: Elizabeth (Bust), Victoria (The Walrus), Kathryn (Today’s Parent)
February 12: Vimala (MacLife), Ilka (Vanity Fair), Shelina
February 19: Ana (Chatelaine), Alicia (Canadian Family), Fraser (


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