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How else can you make money?

October 15, 2009

Magazine brands have long depended on advertising for revenue, but it’s pretty obvious to everyone right now that it’s not dependable or sustainable. Smart companies are diversifying their offerings – from books, to shows, to iPhone apps – so that ideally, no one source of income is make-or-break for the bottom line.

Take Rodale, for example. I just read on Min Online that they’re launching Men’s Health and Women’s Health branded exercise kits. They were created by the editors in partnership with an existing supplier of workout equipment, and come with added value in the form of content. (Seems backwards, doesn’t it?)

What else can your brand offer to help out your revenue?


Women’s Health gets real

August 25, 2009

How’s this for community-building and UGC? Women’s Health has put together a gallery of their editors’ worst back-to-school fashion photos on their Facebook page. (I believe you have to be logged in to see the page.) It’s super cute, super friendly and reaches out to readers – who have reached back, posting some of their own fashion faux pas.

This is what social media is for – not just for sending out links. Connect with readers on a personal level and they’ll become your most loyal supporters.

What are some other magazines you’ve found doing great (read: appropriate) things on Facebook?