Course information: Spring 2011

Important dates:

Tuesday, May 10: Deadline to choose website for presentation
Friday, May 27: Repurposing assignments due
Tuesday, May 31: Last chance to request Comscore data
Thursday, June 9: Final projects due

To read for May 10:

How we read online (Slate)
8 simple rules for succeeding on the web (Marketwatch)
Search engine optimization (Wikipedia) (at least read the intro and methods)
10 top clickable newsletter subject lines (Magazines Online)
Why your site needs a newsletter (Magazines Online)
Where do your readers come from? (Magazines Online)
Why we link (Publishing 2.0)
SEO rules to live by (Google Knol)
Search engine optimization to lure readers (New York Times)

To read for May 17:

The relationship between your print and online audiences (Six Degrees of Peter Feld)
Why are you publishing online? (Publishing Executive)
Video:’s managing editor on how they create content (
This article is 1,689 words long (New York Review of Magazines)
25 reasons why I’ll leave your website in 10 seconds (Econsultancy)
Long-Form Journalism Finds an Online Friend (New York Times)
We thought the internet was killing print. But it isn’t (The Guardian)

To read for May 24:

Content and its discontents (New York Times)
Why text remains king of the web (Micro Persuasion)
Slideshows: A Faustian bargain (Columbia Journalism Review)
The 10 myths of creating web content (PRNewser)

To read for May 31:

Why newspapers shouldn’t allow comments (Gawker)
Troll, reveal thyself (Slate)
How to change the world using social media (Copyblogger)
10 Twitter tips for traditional media (
Romanian Magazine Uses Facebook for ‘Crowd-Publishing’ Success (Mediashift)
Brave new world of digital intimacy (New York Times Magazine) (this is a really good article but quite long)

To read for June 7:

The Journalists’ Guide to Analytics (10,000 words)
Web stats for beginners (Magazines Online)
Do unique visitors matter? (Magazines Online)
Why web editors need to know HTML (Magazines Online)
In the digital era free is easy, so how do you persuade people to pay? (The Guardian)
Retargeting Ads Follow Surfers to Other Sites (New York Times)

To read for June 14:

The New Yorker On Brand: Q&A with Web Editor Blake Eskin (Sparksheet)


May 17:
• CG – Walrus
• MD – Toronto Life
• KC – Maisonneuve

May 24:
• SG – The Observer
• AY – Fashion
• CT – Tin House

May 31:
• SP – More
• LL – Outpost

June 7:
• NA – The Hockey News
• RT – Macleans
• HM – Flare


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