Consultation: RedPoint Media

It was great to meet you all! Below are some suggested readings on various topics that you might enjoy.


Search engine optimization to lure readers (New York Times)
How to research keywords using Google Insights for Search and Google AdWords (Squidoo)
Why we link (Publishing 2.0)
25 reasons why I’ll leave your website in 10 seconds (Econsultancy)
The case for daily e-newsletters (Publishing Executive)

Reading online:

How we read online (Slate)
This article is 1,689 words long (New York Review of Magazines)
Long-Form Journalism Finds an Online Friend (New York Times)
Why are you publishing online? (Publishing Executive)
The New Yorker On Brand: Q&A with Web Editor Blake Eskin (Sparksheet)

Web content:

Slideshows: A Faustian bargain (Columbia Journalism Review)
The thriving (online) shelter magazine industry (New York Times)
Design online: A response to the New York Times story on online magazines (Design Sponge)
Top 10 infographics (Data Journalism Blog)

Social media:

10 Twitter tips for traditional media ( (old but still relevant)
Romanian Magazine Uses Facebook for ‘Crowd-Publishing’ Success (Mediashift)
Brave new world of digital intimacy (New York Times Magazine) (optional – this is a really good article but quite long and getting old)
Playboy social media Q&A (Sparksheet)
A tight-knit community (Slate)

Analytics, advertising and apps

The Journalists’ Guide to Analytics (10,000 words)
In the digital era free is easy, so how do you persuade people to pay? (The Guardian)
Retargeting Ads Follow Surfers to Other Sites (New York Times)
Planning a paywall? Maybe you should sell some e-books instead (GigaOM)
The problem with magazine apps (Sparksheet)


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