On multiplatform rather than print first

June 29, 2011

Popular Mechanics editor-in-chief Jim Meigs speaks to Business Insider on the magazine’s business strategy moving forward:

“We’re basically challenging ourselves to really think hard about the print magazine and how it operates, but also the whole business model,” Meigs said. “Are we putting our priority in the right place?”

The goal is to create multiple revenue streams: in print, online, on tablets, in books, and more, with a minimum of effort. It is an ambitious project — a side room at the PM office is dedicated the “reboot room”  — but one that needs to be tackled.

This is a true multiplatform strategy, designed to get results from all media, not just to do the best possible with what’s left over after the print edition is done. And it requires input from all staff in all departments, not just top-down decision making.


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