How to capitalize on internet memes (kittens ftw!)

June 6, 2011

If you haven’t yet seen the video of the sleeping mama cat hugging her dreaming kitten, you must not be on Facebook – the clip was spreading like wildfire last week. National Geographic’s editors certainly didn’t miss it, as they wrote about it on their Daily News blog on Thursday, asking an animal behaviour expert to weigh in on online commenters’ debates over whether the kitten was really having a nightmare, and whether its mother was really comforting it with a hug.

The result? As of this writing, over 1,300 Facebook likes for the blog post – and certainly a lot of new visitors to the blog, who might then click on related stories that pique their interest. (Note the extremely SEO-friendly title.) The lesson? Everyone loves a good kitten story, so if you can make it a good fit for your brand, why not? You never know how many of those visitors will come back.


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