Tim Hortons gets smart and engages with customers

February 7, 2011

Have you been to timhortons.com lately? Drop by and you’ll notice a widget at the top right that tells you your local weather forecast – and suggests something to eat or drink that goes with that weather. (How did they know I could use some chocolate?)

It’s a very cool feature that could work on content sites, too. For instance, a recipe site could feature a recipe that matches both the weather and time of day – give me a waffle recipe on a snowy Saturday morning, and a barbecued pizza on a summer afternoon.

It would require some programming, but overall, it’s a simple way to bring local relevance to a major site without a ton of effort.


2 Responses to “Tim Hortons gets smart and engages with customers”

  1. stefania Says:

    I think it’s very clever. Do you know any way to get this plugin? I would love to add it to my blog with Italian food suggestions!


    • Kat Says:

      Unfortunately I imagine it was programmed in-house. I haven’t heard of a ready-to-go plug-in that does this, although maybe someone else has?

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