If you have to explain, it’s too complicated

February 4, 2011

Is your iPad app so complicated that it needs an instruction manual? Then you’ve got a major design problem, says Khoi Vinh (and I 100% agree).

The most important idea at the heart of every iPhone, iPad and, to a lesser but still significant extent, every Android device is that they need no explanation. You pick them up and use them.

Click through to check out his roundup of some examples.


One Response to “If you have to explain, it’s too complicated”

  1. Mathieu Viau Says:

    A user interface expert once said “Never underestimate the effects of a good training.” He was right, since the notion of complexity related to interfaces mostly depends on the ability, knowledge, and culture of the user. Once you know how to use something, it becomes easy by itself.

    Something tells me that people might not be ready to use more complex systems, but the tendency is meant to change as people become more and more technology literate.

    Ultimately, one should keep in mind that it is no such thing as a natural, intuitive interface between human and machine.

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