What you can sell online

November 3, 2010

A raw-food blog I read, Rawmazing, has a new item up for sale – a 2011 calendar featuring a recipe every month. It’s a good example of how to monetize your website without driving readers away. The blog is free, and many recipes are posted for readers to use right away. What gets sold is packaging, whether it’s an e-book, a printed book or a calendar.

What I especially like is how the format of the calendar – it’s a desk calendar presented inside a CD jewel case – fits the homemade quality of the blog itself. The calendar feels crafty, which is how the readers likely see themselves as well.

What other examples have you seen of bloggers and websites making money off peripheral products?

Edited to add: The Onion, of course, sells lots of stuff – and they now have holiday cards up for sale. Smart.


One Response to “What you can sell online”

  1. Jaclyn Says:

    Another great example is Cake Wrecks ( http://cakewrecks.blogspot.com/ ), a hilarious blog of seriously messed-up cakes, with photos submitted by readers. The creator, Jen Dorsman, has created a book and a calendar. And then there’s http://www.penny-arcade.com/comic/ , which has an online store hawking T-shirts, books, posters, etc. based on the wildly popular webcomic.

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