A first look at magazines on the iPad

April 6, 2010

Since Canada doesn’t have the iPad yet, the next best thing is this video by Brad Colbow that gives us a tour of three magazines that have launched with the new format: Time, GQ and Popular Science. (Thanks to Twitter for alerting me to it.)

It’s always hard to judge remotely, but my inclination is that Popular Science has done the best job, followed by Time and then GQ. I don’t quite understand GQ’s decision to use up half the screen for a static image while reading articles. I do have a possible solution, though, to Colbow’s question of why the design on two of the apps is so much better in landscape than portrait: since apps are sold for both iPhone/iPod touch and iPad, it’s not unlikely that the portrait version (simpler, one column) is meant for the smaller devices and the landscape (larger, more dynamic) for the iPad.


2 Responses to “A first look at magazines on the iPad”

  1. Corinna Says:

    I can’t remember where it was posted, but one reviewer pointed out re: the Popular Science app, that if you have to show people how to use it, in a very big way you’ve failed in the design.

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