Can magazines and the web coexist?

January 18, 2010

A couple of quotes to start off the week. First, from Bookninja (thanks to Susan Peters), from an interview with Granta editor John Freeman:

I think we’ve entered a new age where as readers most of us will straddle the web and print — some publications we’ll read only on the web, others just in print. My feeling is that the publications that are going to last will be the ones we visit in both places, because that’s going to be the nature of modern reading.

And from Rachel Singh’s Shifting Landscape of Magazines project, a comment by Stephen Hunt (click through to join the conversation):

But why? Why should both continue to exist? Just the physical cost of printing them, and mailing them out, is a tremendous expense that slows down the information to the point where whatever they’re writing about is rarely timely (although to be fair to a publication like The Walrus, they’re not trying to be timely. And maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe we need less timely information with more depth and context and less immediate info-gratification.)


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