Brave souls are linking out

July 15, 2009

I’m a strong believer in linking karma. And I’m a strong believer in newsletters. Put the two together and you’ve got a great package – I subscribe to a number of newsletters (like the one I get from that are not much more than well-curated collections of links.

I’ve noticed a couple of similar models emerging in the Canadian media lately. Chatelaine’s Weekender newsletter linked out recently to an article in the New York Times. And the Globe and Mail‘s latest Personal Finance Reader offered up a collection of relevant stories from around the web. (Side note, though, to all three of these sites – why is it so hard to find your newsletters? If you really want more subscribers, make them easier to find.)

Both newsletters, of course, also linked to their own sites. But by adding links out to stories they think their readers will find interesting, they’re extending their brands: not only do they create content for their readers, they’re presenting themselves as the experts in those content areas, giving their subscribers even more value. And you can make a lot more money off a newsletter subscriber than off a click.

It’s a good model. Why don’t you try it?


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