Shortcovers and magazines

February 26, 2009

Indigo just released Shortcovers, a digital distribution tool for print media – primarily books, but they say they’ll also be offering magazines and newspapers. It’s available for BlackBerry, iPhone, Android and over the web, and the idea seems to be that you can get some content for free, such as sample chapters, but you have to pay for most of it, like any ebook.

I downloaded it today for my iPhone and tried it out – at first glance it seems to work well, no major glitches (although I had issues logging on at first). I have a feeling that it’s going to do well – one reason I’ve been skeptical about ebook readers like the Kindle is that the last thing I need in my life is another device (I’m trying to get down to just two, my phone and my computer, and I’m almost there).

But here’s a question for all of you – have you heard anything about how Indigo is going to work with publishers to get magazines available through Shortcovers? Do you know if your publication will be available, and who’s going to be doing the digitizing? Please share any information you have in the comments.

(Oh, and naturally, you can follow Shortcovers on Twitter.)


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