Organizing your staff

January 12, 2009

As we move from web-as-afterthought to web-as-major-focus, many magazines are rethinking their original staffing arrangements. Forbes, for instance, has now merged (and tightened) its staff – everyone now does both print and web.

Publishing Executive has a good article up on balancing print and digital, and one issue they discuss is staffing. (But I do encourage you to read the whole thing.) A couple of their tips:

• Bring everyone together – literally. Web staff and print staff should sit together, so that they can collaborate easily and keep each other top of mind. “By literally breaking down the walls between employees working in print and other interactive media divisions, you eliminate silos.”

• Encourage all staff members to think of all platforms, even if their job description only includes one. Let web staff participate in print idea-building, and vice versa. “The breakdown of physical space will naturally lead to the sharing of ideas, people and resources, which can significantly impact return on investment.”

How do your print and digital staff interact, and how are they organized? What do you think is the ideal situation?


One Response to “Organizing your staff”

  1. sunehra Says:

    YES! these are brilliant tips. Web staffers and print staffers have been separated for so long, but they truly need to be on the same page now.

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