How Stephen Harper has helped the CBC

December 5, 2008

Those of you tapped into Canadian politics (and what a week it’s been) may have noticed the unreal amount of comments being posted on the major news sites. even posted an article about user engagement on their site, and apparently their traffic has been higher this week than during the Olympics. As of Wednesday afternoon, when the article went online, they had already had over 20,000 comments – and I’m sure there are far more than that now.

Just goes to show, if you provide people with a place to talk about the issues that concern them, they will come. It’s just a matter of matching your content with the right group and topic.


2 Responses to “How Stephen Harper has helped the CBC”

  1. D. B. Scott Says:

    20,000 comments, but by how many commenters? My impression is that these long strings a) go on until most mortals lose interest and log off and b) tend to be the same people exchanging insults with escalating degrees of venom.

  2. Kat Says:

    Sure, but from the point of view of advertising, a pageview is a pageview – and I’ll bet CBC’s pages per visitor will be high for December.

    As for the venom, we’ll discuss that in a later post. 🙂

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