SEO: Why matters

November 24, 2008

One feature of Google that not everyone’s aware of is that its results change from country to country – searching something on will get you different results from

Why is this important? Well, to start with, Canadian sites will rank higher on as Google sees them as more relevant to the searcher. And most Canadian searchers will be on as in most cases, you are automatically rerouted, even if you type (The exception is in some searches in the navigation bar on your browser – I find I usually get routed to there.)

Since most of us are looking for ad revenue, and our advertisers are generally looking for a Canadian audience, this is a good thing – it means more Canadians going to Canadian sites, which is the most useful kind of traffic.

So when checking your search results to see how you rank, make sure you’re checking – but look at as well (or other English sites, like, for that matter) to see if you rank there, too. It’s interesting to compare the results.

And don’t be surprised if Google pushes our searches even more locally in the future.


One Response to “SEO: Why matters”

  1. Good point regarding Google’s country-specific search results. Often people don’t realize that if they’re in Canada, they’re automatically redirected to, or in the UK, to

    One way around this is to use a “web proxy,” which makes it appear like you’re surfing form another country. There’s a decent list of free Web proxies over here:



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