10 top clickable newsletter subject lines

October 23, 2008

I subscribe to a lot of magazine site newsletters, and I keep a file of the ones whose subject lines I found extremely clickable, the ones I would have opened even if it weren’t my job. Here are some of my favourites – use them as inspiration for your own newsletter and article titles.

• The sexiest hair right now – try it! (Glamour)
• Six-minute salmon, organize your kitchen, 7 performance foods (Health)
• The 125 best foods for women (Women’s Health)
• The city’s 10 best dressed (Toronto Life)
• 5 simple outdoor decorating projects (Martha Stewart Living)
• I burned HOW many calories? (Runner’s World)
• Drop 10 lbs. by snacking (Women’s Health)
• Our best freeze-ahead recipes (Everyday Food)
• Best foods for runners (Runner’s World)
• Cut your breast cancer risk: A decade-by-decade guide and more (Health)

Would you open these?


3 Responses to “10 top clickable newsletter subject lines”

  1. cottagegirl Says:

    Great summary. Thanks for this. I’m guilty of trying to put too much in the subject line to appeal to more people, rather than putting in one great hook. I’ll remember this for next time.

  2. Rana Says:

    All very service-oriented and little journalism……

  3. Kat Says:

    Good point, Rana. Not sure if that’s reflective of newsletters in general or just the type I subscribe to. Although I take exception to the implication that service isn’t “journalism” – it’s just a certain kind of journalism.

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