Multipage articles, take 2

October 7, 2008

Further to my original discussion on multipage vs. single-page articles, I just came across an article from Mediaweek on the magazine brand leaders of 2008. The topic is intriguing, and of course I want to see who they are, and I click. But… the “article” is split into 14 pages (a brand per page). I made it to three before leaving.

In the absence of a poll, please share: did you click? How many pages would/did you read of this? I’d love to see the stats on how many people made it through all 14 pages.


One Response to “Multipage articles, take 2”

  1. Rachel S Says:

    I like the length of the overviews for each of the titles, but 14 pages is overkill.

    I asked a few friends to visit the link, all of whom responded that there was no chance they would stick around to read all 14 pages unless they were reviewing the article for research purposes/to write a report.

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