RSS via email: Are you pro or con?

August 28, 2008

Many sites (including this one) offer the option of receiving updates via email for those who don’t use RSS readers. Usually, a daily email is sent out (in the middle of the night, in my case) containing the previous day’s post or posts. It’s a good way to keep up with a site without having to remember to visit it.

However, there’s debate whether that many people really want this – after all, don’t we get enough email?

So I’m putting the question out there: Have you ever subscribed to this service on a website? (And I’m talking about RSS email updates, not site newsletters.) Why or why not? What do you see as the pros and cons?


2 Responses to “RSS via email: Are you pro or con?”

  1. Kevin Gonsalves Says:

    I tried it once for a gear and tech blog. Thought is was neat for a bit but stopped using it after a few weeks as I couldn’t help but feel the information I was reading was dated. I think this format removes that feeling of reading fresh information. With Google reader I feel like I’m the “first in line” and it makes me feel very privileged to be in that position.

  2. David Leigh Says:

    I happen to HATE RSS readers…simply because I live more in my email client and prefer to read text there. If it’s about text, I’m all FOR receiving RSS in my email client. I use (though lately it’s been down!!!) and really LOVE getting feeds in my email client.

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