Mobile content at Rogers

August 18, 2008

Jump on over to Canadian Magazines for some stats on the success of mobile publishing at Rogers. I have to admit, as a new iPhone addict, I would love to be able to get content from my favourite magazines in mobile format so I can read it on the subway (magazines get all crumpled in my purse). I’ve been loving the New York Times iPhone app: you can download articles ahead of time so you don’t need a network connection to read them. (The app’s not perfect yet, but a few more updates and they should have it nailed.)

Any other smartphone users out there? How do you make your media portable?


2 Responses to “Mobile content at Rogers”

  1. Kevin Gonsalves Says:

    I’m a big fan as well of getting my magazine content on my mobile devices. While I’ve only seen the NYT do it well up to know for the iPhone and Touch, the new Google mobile app recently released has impressed me. If you subscribe to many of the magazine blogs out there, the Google mobile IG app is heaven sent. Easily, in my opinion the best way to manage all your RSS feeds on your mobile device.

  2. Kat Says:

    I haven’t downloaded it yet – I’ll have to get on that!

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